An Original Stone Carpet is the perfect basis for your interior. It can be used in the living room, hall, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and is very popular in conservatories, as it will reflect the natural light shining through.

The use of the highest quality resin and naturally rounded quartz, an original Stone Carpet holds the temperature of the room. It also compliments the use of under-floor heating.

Your floor will be designed and fitted by our own specialists. Original Stone Carpet fits neatly around the contours of your floor and can even be laid over tiles, leaving you with a clean, warm and colourful floor that is long lasting, seamless and easy to maintain.

With the choice of hundreds of colours an Original Stone Carpet can incorporate any logo or personalised design to give that personal touch to your floor.

Not only is an Original Stone Carpet ideal for the home but is also suited to commercial premises, such as: Banks, Schools, Post Offices, Showrooms, Shops, Offices and Churches to name but a few.

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